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Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Publication Ethics

Veterinary Research Notes follows the rules and regulations set by the ICMJE (The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors). Thus, the authors are requested to prepare their manuscripts accordingly.

Authorship: According to ICMJE, authorship criteria should be based on-
i) substantial contributions to conception and design of, or acquisition of data or analysis and interpretation of data,
ii) drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content, and
iii) final approval of the version to be published.

[Authors should meet conditions i, ii and iii.]

Before submission, all authors must read and approve the final version of the manuscript. It is a requirement that all authors have been accredited as appropriate upon submission of the manuscript. Contributors who do not qualify as authors should be mentioned under Acknowledgement section.

Change in authorship: We do not allow any change in authorship after provisional acceptance. We cannot allow any addition, deletion or change in sequence of author name. We have this policy to prevent fraud.

Acknowledgement: Under the Acknowledgement section, please specify contributors to the article other than the authors credited. Please also include specifications of the source of funding for the study and any potential conflict of interests if appropriate. Suppliers of materials should also be named according to their location (town, state/country) included. 

Publication Malpractice Statement

The corresponding author must declare in the cover letter that the manuscript has not submitted to any other journal for possible publication, or has not published elsewhere (in part or full). If we notice such kind of malpractice, the author(s) will be blacklisted for our journal, and no article from those authors will be processed in the future. Besides, the list of authors may be forwarded to the editors of other related journals around the world.